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Situation details

Please define your actual personal family situation. Which groups of people are present in your family environment? Click here to make your selection.

Please note: The following calculations exclude any contractually arranged agreements (marriage contract, inheritance contract etc.).
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Statutory (Distribution without a will)

Obligatory portions / freely disposable portion

You may freely dispose of % of your estate and also name additional beneficiaries in your will, such as other people who are close to you or non-profit organisations such as Rega.

Important: Changes in your family situation can result in different statutory orders of succession, compulsory portions and freely disposable portions. You should therefore regularly check that your will is up-to-date. If you do not leave a will, the statutory heirs will form a community of heirs and have an equal entitlement to the individual assets constituting your estate.

The figures shown relate to your estate. This comprises all your assets and liabilities. In the case of married persons, the matrimonial property is first divided up, and then the remaining property is distributed under the laws of succession.

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  • Order our practical guide on making a will (available in German, French and Italian). This brochure contains many useful tips and shows you in a few simple steps how to draw up a will. (Order form)
  • Mrs Antonella Stefanelli would be pleased to discuss any questions you have about making a will. It goes without saying that your conversation will be non-binding and treated in absolute confidence. (Contact form)

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