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Situation details

Please define your actual personal family situation. Which groups of people are present in your family environment? Click here to make your selection.

Please note: The following calculations exclude any contractually arranged agreements (marriage contract, inheritance contract etc.).
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Statutory (Distribution without a will)

Obligatory portions / freely disposable portion

Individual will template (Step 1/4)You can create a will template here for free and in a few steps, considering YOUR NGO. This ensures compliance with legal regulations regarding compulsory shares and all formal requirements.

The distribution according to legal inheritance (left column in the evaluation) occurs if you have not written a will. If you want to express your own will, you need a will. According to your information about the family constellation, you can dispose of xxx% in a will. You can go through the following 4 steps and receive an individual will template as a PDF to print. Your information will not be saved.

-Symbol: When you hover over the SYMBOL When you hover over the symbol with the mouse, you will find additional information each time. with the mouse, you will find additional information each time.

Step 1 - Consideration of YOUR NGO

Step 2 - Heirs with compulsory share entitlement

In your family constellation, there are no heirs with compulsory share entitlement.

Therefore, you are completely free to distribute your inheritance according to your wishes in the next steps.

How many children do you have?

Please list your children. If a child is already deceased, activate "deceased" on the right and specify any descendants, as they will take the heir position of the deceased child.

Please distribute the freely available quota to the selected individuals and YOUR NGO. The sum of the percentage values should be 100%. More than 100% cannot be allocated.

You can use the sliders or enter the desired percentage in the field on the right.

Step 4 – Distribution of the inheritance

Every legacy, however large or small, truly makes a difference. A legacy symbolizes the ICRC’s support and helps ensure that the victims of armed conflict can live better lives and enjoy a better future beyond war.

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